50 Mini Adventures to Make 2020 EPIC

50 Mini Adventures to Make 2020 EPIC

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Do you set a resolution or build a bucket list for the year that you NEVER look at again? New decade, new idea: let’s try a challenge instead! Join me on this Adventure Challenge to start the new 20’s off epic. 

Challenge yourself to a micro-adventure each week in 2020.

So this idea was inspired both by the lovely blog post by Castaway with Crystal (https://castawaywithcrystal.com/100-things-to-do-this-year/) and by my father.

Kind of an odd combination right? 

Let’s start with Dad.

My dad does not think he lives an epic life–in fact he considers himself pretty ordinary. That changes 100% when he starts telling stories about going skiing in the Rockies (we live on the East Coast), white water kayaking, hiking through the Catskills, and being the 1st National Ski Patroller in New Jersey. 

He doesn’t consider any of these things as epic. 

My sister and I disagree. And that got me thinking: how often do we do little things that don’t necessarily seem adventurous to us, but to others we seem the badass equivalent to Bear Grylls!  

Here’s a list of 50 mini adventures that you can knock out in 2020 to set the tone for an Epic Decade!

(Get the downloadable checklist by signing up for the Adventure Email Community HERE)

Outdoors & Active

1. Go for a hike

2. Do a roadtrip

3. Try a new workout

4. Go to a festival (I’m partial to Scottish Highland Games)

5. Shop at a farmers market

6. Collect seashells at a beach

7. Host a barbeque

8. Go to a shooting range

9. Take a self defense class


10. Visit a “hidden gem” in your area

11.Visit a local “tourist spot”

12. Go camping

13. Visit a Dark Sky park

14. Go to a museum

15. Go kayaking

16. Navigate with only a map

17. Learn to tell time by the sun

18. Walk a shelter animal

19. Learn to curse in a different language (I’m trying ASL)

Spoil Yourself

20. Visit a spa

21. Try acupuncture or an acupressure mat

22. Get a massage

23. Get a facial

24. Try a new coffee or tea (or hot chocolate)

Food & Drink

25. Visit a speakeasy bar

26. Do a winery/brewery/cidery tour

27. Cook over a campfire

28. Take a cooking class

29. Make your own ice cream

Home Improvement

30. Buy (and keep alive) a houseplant

31. Fix or improve something around the house

32. Make a container herb garden

33. Redecorate/rearrange a room

34. Have a garage sale


35. Write down 1 good thing that happens each day

36. Read a book

37. Give food to someone in need

38. Start a journal

39. Donate blood


40. Take a painting class (I’m going for a Bob Ross style class in March!)

41. Handwrite a letter/postcard to someone

42. Learn a new craft

43. Arm knit a blanket

44. Complete a puzzle

Adrenalin Junkies / Just for Fun

45. Try out circus school

46. Try skydiving

47. Do an escape room

48. Ride a roller coaster

49. Go ziplining

50.  Play laser tag

Now that’s a list to keep track of! Get your FREE downloadable Checklist when you sign up to my Adventure Email Community.

Get your checklist by clicking here now.

Which adventures are you most excited about?

Comment below and let me know. Want to share your adventure experiences?

Join the Metals & Pieces Fan Clan Facebook Group and tell me all about the adventures that you are planning for 2020!

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  1. Such a great list of adventures! I live close to my parents and last week we took a multi-generational road trip to a nearby State Park. It was awesome!!

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