You Are Why We Do What We Do

How you helped Metals & Pieces become a reality.

We are thrilled that everyone who wears our jewelry knows they are getting an authentic Metals & Pieces design worthy of the ultimate badass adventurer.

~Melissa Pikul
Metals & Pieces, Owner

Before I created Metals & Pieces, I was a history obsessed undergrad always on the hunt for jewelry that complimented my own desires for classy elegance and fierce adventure at the same time.

At that time I envisioned myself going into historical costuming. Then one day I was in Joann Fabrics with a coupon and found a book on chainmaille jewelry design. I was intrigued, and though I had never made jewelry before I decided to give it a try. Before the night was through I knew that armor inspired chainmaille jewelry was the answer I had been seeking to my bland wardrobe issue.

I was concerned that no one else would be interested in historically inspired jewelry–that my work would only be fit for Renaissance festivals and history nerds.

But then…

I tried a booth at a local craft fair and the response was crazy enthusiastic. I went on to build more and more elaborate collections and even won 3rd place at an Art Fair (with no Renaissance Faires in sight).

What I found instead…

was a rich Celtic and Scottish culture that wanted jewelry that spoke both to their historical roots and their ‘never-give-in’ attitude.

I decided…

I would set out to create the most modern styled wearable chainmaille jewelry for the woman as ready to battle whether in the boardroom, the gym, or managing her kids.

Along the way…

We expanded from just armor inspired to arms and armor inspired jewelry with the addition of the Bad Ass Brass Line of recycled bullet jewelry. Then it turns out, the road was more difficult than I imagined.

The response to Bad Ass Brass was very mixed—

from some people cheering and fascinated over our inclusion of spent bullet casings (“that’s badass!” is a common comment from these awesome fans), to some people literally running away from my display as if they were in danger.

I was disheartened…

that some of my shoppers felt offended at this new jewelry direction.

But we persevered…

and continued to share our story of recycling spent brass and now enjoy explaining our love of firearms and the family traditions that brought Bad Ass Brass to life to each of our customers.

Through it all…

we continue to release our new innovative jewelry products and the response has been epic.