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We make every piece of jewelry and accessory by hand. Located in Florida, NY.


$1 from each item, be it bullet, chainmaille, or EMS gifts goes to the HVHF. 


Plus most warrior jewelry designs are ready to ship in 24 hours or less. 

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What goes into the production of our recycled bullet jewelry? Check out our behind-the-scenes video here and join us for a mini machine shop tour!

Check out our Behind-the-Scenes Video for How We Make Bullet Jewelry Designs

Why bullet jewelry?

Designer Melissa Pikul was inspired to recycle spent bullet casings into jewelry after learning to shoot with her father. Sporting clays shooting was fun (and a learning experience), but she was disturbed to see so many spent casings and shells just laying on the ground. At first she thought “there’s something better we can do here”. And thus Metals & Pieces Badass Brass line was born. After that, Melissa embraced the challenge to design ammo jewelry that didn’t look like it came from a bullet. From bullet necklaces and bullet bracelets, to bullet earrings and bullet keychains, Melissa has strived to craft designs that are gorgeous first, and a firearm enthusiast’s insider joke second.  

What Makes Metals & Pieces Different?

Free shipping over $35 is only the beginning. Metals & Pieces is a handmade motivational jewelry shop that specializes in chainmail jewelry, recycled bullet jewelry, and EMS jewelry and gifts.

We know how important quality, style, and confidence are to you and we strive to deliver top notch design work. Therefore we hand-make and inspect each piece before it ships out to give you the best possible experience.

Launched from a family of entrepreneurs with a dedication to public service, we are proud and honored to give back to the community. For instance, $1 from each item is donated to the Hudson Valley Honor Flight.

With over 8 years of experience, we have built a brand that is committed to customer satisfaction and self realization of awesomeness across the world. In addition to hundreds of 5 star reviews, extreme celebrity giftings (Oscars 2018, Golden Globes 2019, and Oscars 2020), and even as seen on TV, we have built up a brand that you can trust all your badass jewelry needs to. It’s time to make your life epic with us!

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